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“They’re going to put me in the movies…er….paper… – #1422

They’re going to make a big star out of me…..”

©Johnny Russell/Voni Morrison

Bird from the local paper turned up yesterday, asking me ALL sorts of questions and threatening to write about MDP in a future edition.

Goodness knows what’s going to come out of it.

I have to be in town tomorrow at 10am sharp for a photo session.

Better comb my hair and smarten up, then…..

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6 thoughts on ““They’re going to put me in the movies…er….paper… – #1422

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  2. Heike on said:

    Es ist ein schöner Bericht geworden. Auf diese Weise fand ich dieses Kleinode hier. Bin jetzt Fan von JB 🙂

  3. From the link to the journo’s profile: “…hört denen zu, die etwas zu erzählen haben” — she came to the right address then, and I bet she enjoyed it.

    Of course we want full coverage of your hairdo (and everything else).

  4. COMB your hair? HA How long has that been?
    BTW, in college, a certain bar had a little band that played that upon my arrival because I requested it so much!
    Can’t wait to see the write up.

  5. “all you gotta do is act naturally…you’re gonna be a big star…” Will we get a copy of this exciting event with photo?!

  6. This is v. exciting. You know this means I’ll have to start reading the local paper.

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