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>"And I’ll have…." – #23


You could be excused for thinking that this is a flashback to a food-queue in what used to be East Germany in the 1980s….

But it’s not.

This is the queue at Mario’s, the best Italian icecream maker for miles.

Real homemade stuff.

Real homemade people.

He says “Buon giorno” and “Mille gracie” and has a smile for everyone

I had orange, yoghurt and creme caramel.

It was wonderful.

Today was a cracker in Mainz – clear blue sky, not a breath of wind, 15ºC.

Yesterday was even better – the weather wasn’t as good, but Mainz 05 won 1:0. Again.

What an excellent weekend

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5 thoughts on “>"And I’ll have…." – #23

  1. >I love chocolate. I like homemade ice cream too and would be in this line.Thank you for coming by and looking at my honey bee and cardinal.

  2. >time now is 1am and find myself craving for some..1 choco-mint, please!

  3. >Yuuuuuuuuuuuum…have a lick of chocolate SOMEthing for me SVP! 😉

  4. >looks well worth queuing for – I’ll have 1 scoop each caramel and hazelnut….

  5. >vanilla and strawberry for me please

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