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>Third time lucky – #38

>The Brand Centre in Mainz has a long history of commercial significance.

The original Kaufhaus – a massive 2-storied warehouse – was built here in the 14th century to take advantage of the newly granted Right of Guests (Ius emporii).

This law gave a city the right to require that any goods passing through its jurisdiction were unloaded, stored for a given period – 3 days in Cologne – and offered for local sale.

Oh, and the city had a monopoly on all stevedoring activities.

And – as in Monopoly – you could pay a “consideration” to avoid the process.

At least Dick Turpin wore a mask….

The original structure was damaged during the bombardment of the French occupying forces by German artillery in 1793 and demolished in the early 19th century.

Then everything in the immediate area got demolished as a result of 2 bombing raids in world war 2.

The houses on the billboard were built in the style of buildings that existed prior to the war and are again being replaced. (They were built using recycled rubble and only lasted 40 years or so before they started reverting to their original state)

They’ll be rebuilt properly this time.

Third time lucky?

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3 thoughts on “>Third time lucky – #38

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  2. >interesting story, fingers crossed this time?Thanks for comment, John.

  3. >My first time here. I like the post and the comments. Interesting story. Thanks for posting it.720 pixels

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