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>Gloria et Odile – #81

>Gloria Hasse (left) runs an excellent ceramics gallery from her home near Darmstadt, which is waaay out of my authorised reporting zone, so I shouldn’t really even be mentioning it.

But her friend, Odile Landragin, (right) has a wonderful herb and aromatics garden right in the middle of Mainz-Gonsenheim and once a year, they get together and present

Keramikum im Grünen – a play on the word “Grünen” which can mean “in the country” as well as “green”.

Walk along the road and you’ll just see a standard town-centre Gonsenheim house – 2 storied, 2 or 3 windows wide and a narrow driveway separating it from the neighbouring 2 storied, 2 or 3 windows wide, narrow driveway house.

But open the gate and walk through a courtyard that’s lined with herbs and you’ll find a 2000 m2 garden that wends its way past trees and hedges and is packed with almost every herbs and aromatic you can imagine.

The works from Gloria’s artists are spread around the garden and in one of the greenhouses among the plants and it’s a really good day out.

Not the sort of thing that you’ll find at PlantWorld or Target or whatever the Big Boxes are called in your neck of the woods…

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4 thoughts on “>Gloria et Odile – #81

  1. >How fantastic!!! How many pieces did you come home with?

  2. >Ah, I’m so glad that you are promoting women’s businesses and interests. Sorry I haven’t visited for awhile but with increased bloggers it’s getting harder and harder to visit favorites every day! Hope your week is going well!

  3. >I think your photograph is very good and the narrative is most interesting. I am interesting in growing things as well as living things and photograph both with equal enthusiasm.I hope you can come and learn about my being able to finally fly.

  4. >Interesting story. I’ll take a look at their site. It’s nice to see people you haven’t seen in awhile.

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