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>I think I deserve a drink – #100

This was easier than I thought.

And it’s good discipline, too.

Thanks to Meg and Ben for posting for me while I’ve been out of range.

And thanks for everyone for dropping by.

Now I think I’ll I’ll head down the the Spiegel wine bar in the Augustinerstrasse (where this was taken) for a celebratory drop of Riesling..

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4 thoughts on “>I think I deserve a drink – #100

  1. >CONGRATULATIONS ON 100th POST….On my Blog, I show to you the “Right Street”, one of the principal streets of Martel. Cavity it is very except right-hand side, it turns in all the directions. Also have in your city, of the streets with a name in contradiction with the street? (Street example of the restaurants without any restaurants).Good DayMy blog photographs on the town of Martel

  2. >well done on making the century

  3. >CONGRATULATIONS ON 100!!You deserve a drink; nice choice of wine, one of my favorites.

  4. >Welcome home. Put your feet up. Glad you didn’t go up any ladder while you were away.

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