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>Waiting for Anton – #108

This is Hannah and – I think, I assume, didn’t think to ask – her Gran.

They’re waiting for Mum to bring home Hannah’s new brother, Anton – born on 31 May – from the Vincenz Hospital and they’re going to be arriving any minute.

I was on my way back from the market on Saturday morning when I saw these two ladies looking out of the window at the top of the Gaustrasse.

Walked a bit further, looked back and they’re still there, so I went back, asked if I could take their picture and got chatting.

Nice way to start the weekend .

For anyone, actually

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5 thoughts on “>Waiting for Anton – #108

  1. >oh I can see a real family resemblance, I hope the little girl is happy with the new baby!

  2. >Yes, it was a nice way to start the day. People are generally friendly. I think things in general take on a difference at night that is hard to imagine.Abraham Lincoln’s kidney stone attack…I rolled on the floor, puked, screamed, and passed out. When I woke up the neighbor was gone. Brookville Daily Photo

  3. >Yes, I think that’s her grandma! Look at the eyes and mouth!

  4. >People tend to talk to each other around here more than elsewhere, perhaps.

  5. >They’re both pretty but what I love most is your idea to stop there and start to talk. Nowaday we miss it !!!

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