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>The end of an era – #136

>If you want to buy your monthly tram ticket at the newspaper kiosk in Mainz-Gonsenheim this morning, you’re out of luck.

Yesterday was the last day in 32 years that Karl-Heinz Bendinger didn’t get up at 2:30 am and get to his kiosk at 4 am to open at 6 am.

And he’s also pretty much the Poet Lauriate of Gonso. For years he’s written a poem for a his regulars and slipped it in their newspaper or magazine.

Today, he’s probably having a lie-in.
Which he thoroughly deserves.
(2:30? am? I can’t even begin to understand the concept of anything that early. It hurts my brain to even think about it…)

Popped in to see him on Saturday – he’s one of Mrs JB’s tenants in the Vertical Village, but I’d never met him – and the back room of his kiosk (which is right in the middle of the main drag through Gonso at the corner of Kapellenstrasse) was full of presents from his heartbroken customers. And a big bunch of roses that he was giving to his customers.

He also got a present from MVG, the public transport operator in Mainz. (He has the highest turnover of any of the ticket offices outside the CBD – €200k annually. So he’s probably generated revenues of €6m/$8m or so for them over the years)

They gave him one of those fabric shopping bags with some of their advertising giveaways – sauna towel, sweets, condoms….

Now wasn’t that generous of them.

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5 thoughts on “>The end of an era – #136

  1. >What a cool guy. He looks like the type you’d get to know really quickly, who would remember you and everything about you – be one of those people you look forward to seeing every day. I bet a lot of people will miss him.Condoms????

  2. >Looks like a nice guy. That’s special of him to put something extra in the regulars magazines. What a nice touch.

  3. >I like him. He has a face that anybody could love. Is he going to be OK?You probably said in your story but I read it twice and am not sure it said.If you see him tell him that Abraham Lincoln said, “Hello, and to have a nice day.”Abraham LincolnAmerican Gold Finch—

  4. >He’s a true Gentleman. What amazing dedication. he must have loved his job a lot. I think the city will miss him. Your shot of him really shows his personality.

  5. >He looks like a happy man! Did he always dress up like that–shirt, tie, suit coat?

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