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>Just the bee’s knees – #158

>Artichokes are really only thistles with a college education.

The Italian folks on the market (they’re Sicilian, to be more precise) must have taken their eye off the ball for a couple of days, because they’re now selling artichoke flowers, instead of the artichokes themselves.

Bees included. (It’s the bee’s bum, actually, but I didn’t want this post to be NSFW)

Artichokes, of course, are the best diet food in the world.

They smell decidedly unappetising when being boiled (so you’re not tempted to graze through the fridge while you’re waiting), and you expend more energy in wrestling off the leaves, biting off the edible bit and transporting the mountains of debris to the compost heap than you get in minimal calorific contributions.

If it just wasn’t for the mayonnaise…

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7 thoughts on “>Just the bee’s knees – #158

  1. >Never thought of artichokes as diet food, but your explaination is perfect. Now mayonaise or butter puts the fly(or bee) in the ointment so to speak.

  2. >Idon’t think I’ve ever eaten artichokes and after that description I probably never will – far too much trouble – nice flowers though.

  3. >HEY!Love “arti-strangles!”Love the color purple!Love your shot!I can’t see your face anymore!LOL!;)

  4. >Mmm … artichokes … mmm … yummy.Like the picture of the little bee. Couldn’t see it until I enlarged the picture.I wouldn’t mind a bunch of these flowers for my home.LtL

  5. >I’m glad I looked closer at the pretty photo on the portal, and caught the story, too. Before now, I had no idea artichoke’s flowered. In the futre, if I order artichoke dip, I’ll remember this photo.

  6. >Oh, John! The colours are wonderful, and they are indeed beautiful “blooms”, don’t you think?!

  7. >Your story about the photo is marvelous.My Website

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