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>Hairkiller – #170

>I have absolutely no idea what these people were thinking of when they dreamed up this name.
Slavish conformity to the “Truth in Advertising” creed (in which case it’s only a matter of time before they disappear), or another misguided abuse of the English language in order to be appear hip?

I have no idea.

It is mildly witty, though – the subline says “With a license to style”

No excuse, though.

I’ll stick to “Scalped“, my €10, 5 minute ordeal every 4 months or so…..

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4 thoughts on “>Hairkiller – #170

  1. >i surfed onto your blog this afternoon and saw this photo ‘’. Guess what? 2 hours later, while walking to my restaurant, i saw the same shop with the same name. Could it be a franchise? I saw it in Erfurt.

  2. >I enjoy you sense of humour and the narrative. Franziska Siegl, a delightful german student stayed with us in Wellington in 2004 while she was at college. Her home is near Mainz .. hence my contact with your wonderful place .. kind regards

  3. >They call it “super cuts” here…and it is exactly as you describe,

  4. >I actually think this is so clever – I love it!!! I am into ads with a bit of a “cutting edge” – sorry about the pun!!!!

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