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>Men at work II – #175

> And this is what a cobblestone road looks like when some poor bugger’s finished his back-breaking work.

The Kartäuserstrasse is in the old part of Mainz, with the Girlande off to the left and a bicycle waiting to be stolen off to the right.

The name of the road comes from the Carthusian Order (also known as the Order of St Bruno) founded by… yes, St. Bruno in 1084 in Chartreuse, hence the name. And that of Charterhouse, one of the 9 original English public (i.e. private. Funny people, those Poms..) schools, founded on the site of a Carthusian monastery.

The monastery – the order has been described as ” a community of hermits” – in Mainz, founded in 1320, was located above the city on the St Michaelsberg, overlooking the confluence of the Main and the Rhine rivers, with vineyards and gardens.

They lasted 4 1/2 centuries, despite the concerted efforts of the Marquess Albrecht von Brandenburg in 1552 and the Swedes in the Thirty Year war barely a century later to put them out of business.

They must have really got up Prince-Elector Friedrich Karl Joseph von Ertal’s nose , though. He closed them down in late 1781 and confiscated their property. Just like that.

They must have been quite traumatised, because they hung around for another year until someone had a word in their shell-likes to the effect that they should either toddle off to the monastery in Erfurt or take 250 gulders and try and live off that until they popped off.

And the link between this road in the middle of town to the monastery miles away?

The monastery’s Stadthof – literally, city farm – from where they sold their produce was located here.

Sort of like an outlet mall..

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One thought on “>Men at work II – #175

  1. >and pity that poor kid in the buggy being jogged along over the cobbles.They may look nice but driving over them in a wheelchair is no fun!

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