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>Sage advice – #183


It’s a big ask when it comes to deciding on my favourite herb.

We’ve got the standards – mint (5 varieties), broad-leafed parsley (is there really any other kind?), basil (3 varieties) and chives.

Plus rosemary, thyme (4 varieties), borage, chervil, summer savoury, sorrel (green and red), tripmadam (sedum relexum), rue, oregano, marjoram, salad burnet, coriander and tarragon. I can’t grow dill…

But sage (salvia officinalis) is definitely up there.
It’s hardy (even in our semi-arctic winters), it’s medicinally beneficial, it’s bee-friendly and it’s attractive even in its common grey-green foliaged form.

Even more attractive are the yellow (above), purple and tricolour varieties.

And it’s a great culinary herb.

Do this:

Buy the best (fresh) ravioli you can afford and just before the end of the cooking time, throw a big handful of fresh sage leaves into a pan in which you’ve heated some really good olive oil.

Swish them around and they’ll crisp up within seconds.

In the meantime, someone else has strained the ravioli onto the plates, so transfer the sage leaves (which shouldn’t be black…) onto the ravioli, pour the olive oil over and top with shaved parmesan.

For dessert, fresh strawberries with finely chopped pineapple sage.

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4 thoughts on “>Sage advice – #183

  1. >Hallo John,da ich keine andere Möglichkeit gefunden habe sie zu kontaktieren, nutze ich einfach die Kommentarfunktion.Ich betreue seit einiger Zeit das Projekt Es entwickelt sich gut und die Besucherzahlen steigen stetig.Derzeit bin ich auf der Suche nach Autoren, die sich mit eigenen Beiträgen am Mainzelblog beteiligen. Schau dir die Seite einmal an und wenn du Interesse hast, kannst du dich gerne bei mir melden. Über was du schreibst ist letztendlich dir überlassen, sofern ein Bezug zu Mainz hergestellt werden kann.Liebe GrüßeChristoph

  2. >Ummm, sounds so delicious. Save some for me. I didn’t realize that Salvia and sage were the same thing.

  3. >I think that you should open a restaurant. If that ever becomes a reality, I think that I’ll have to make another European trip. Basil is my handsdown favorite because it is so versatile.

  4. >I don’t think my is pineapple sage…but I can see myself trying the receipe with the ravs. My problem, I always throw the markers away….I know it is sage…but not a clue as to what kind.

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