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>Frank the potter II – #187

>Shameless commercialism.

Who cares.

I was, though, quite chuffed that Frank and Ingrid chose 3 of my images for the invitation to their autumn/fall shindig at the pottery.

The top and bottom (or left and right) are definitely mine.

The centre image looks much too twee to be mine, but Frank’s insistent on the origin.

So if you’re in our neck of the woods on 7 Oct, drop me a line and I’ll give you directions.

You might even be able to hitch a lift…..

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5 thoughts on “>Frank the potter II – #187

  1. >It’s wonderful that they think it’s something that will enhance their invitation and their shindig! Congratulations. I just gave a total stranger permission to use one of my images of FScott Fitzgerald’s statues for a CD without payment because it’s being used for educational purposes. No payment does not bother me, but of course my photographs are not in the same league as Abraham. That’s what friends are for!”

  2. >They’re good friends and generous to a fault, so I’m not worried about payment.

  3. >I would have guessed twee and tiny are similar. Nice photo. Chuffed? I would have been pissed if they used the photo without permission or payment.

  4. >twee: affectedly or excessively dainty, delicate, cute or quaint

  5. >I learned the word “chuffed” from Jules. Twee I goggled and I still don’t understand the meaning. Nice photos… (you have every right to be “chuffed”) Wish I was going to be in that neck of the woods. I like good pottery.

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