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>She Blinded Me With Science – #208

I thought I was back in Kazakhstan. Or perhaps in Lapland.

All of these white domed structures on the Gutenbergplatz.

Were they yurts? Or igloos?

Nope. Pavilions for the Gutenberg University’s Science Fair on Saturday and Sunday.

Great stuff.

Polymer researchers doing molecular cuisine (turning apple juice into globules that pop like caviar on your tongue), physics professors steering cereal flakes around bowls of milk with magnets (if Kellogg claims extra iron in their cornflakes, they’re not always lying…), magnetic propulsion racing car tracks, using building blocks to demonstrate the principles of creating 3D images from 2D X-rays , magnetic levitation experiments (that’s the picture).

All the stuff that drifted in and out of my brain when I was at Westlake, but only really interested me in later years when it was a bit late to correct some pretty miserable exam results.

So I had a really good time.

Such a good time, in fact, that when I drifted over to another tent village in front of the cathedral, I was hoping for more of the same.

The Lazyboy display threw me a bit, as did the retirement village salespeople who zoomed in on me fairly rapidly, but it was only when I saw the Alzheimers Association tent that I realised I’d blundered into a seniors’ event

I beat a rapid retreat and refreshed my knowledge in the area of chromatography….

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2 thoughts on “>She Blinded Me With Science – #208

  1. >As an old junior high science teacher, your post made me chuckle.

  2. >Brilliant post. Well done. Iron is corn flakes sounds good to me. Now I know what the extra weight is from.

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