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>….and Gomorrah – #213

>The Rugby World Cup is happening right next door in France.

You wouldn’t notice.

DSF, the national (commercial) sports channel did a big blurb about providing live coverage for all the group games involving the major teams.

Friday night, for example.
England vs. South Africa at 9pm.

Saturday afternoon, for example.
All Blacks vs. Portugal at 1 pm.

Get well settled in, turn on the TV – regional tiddlywinks championship or something similar.

(Actually, it was handball on Friday and the German basketball team, trying to qualify for a spot in the playoff for 7th – seventh….! – place, on Saturday, but I don’t really see a big difference…)

Sod ’em.

Now I shall be forced to find a pub with Sky Sports.

The hardships we’re forced to suffer in the name of sport….

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2 thoughts on “>….and Gomorrah – #213

  1. >go on ya KIWI .. I have also made a note of the Rugby World Cup see …

  2. >Your photo is missing, John.

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