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OK, so it’s not strictly Mainz… #215

>…but there’s no Frankfurt Daily Photo and I’m actually pleased as Punch at having this image from the Schirn Gallery in Frankfurt chosen for an online travel guide.

It’s a shot of the atrium during a PopArt exhibition earlier this year, with a revolving excentric disk on the ground floor. Zipped up to the top floor, set the shutter speed to 0.25 seconds, which almost froze the revolving disk and the schoolkids in the vortex and blurred the outlying planets, as it were.

There’s more over here at Flickr, including this one that ended up pretty close to top of the pile in a B/W group competition.

The exhibition was mildly mindblowing and it’s never a Good Idea to move quickly on these occasions, just in case the brain goes into lockup mode and you keel over onto the floor. (One picture was especially tricky, causing the eyes to see all sorts of strange stuff and I was glad to have something to hold on to.)

Took me back to my bachelor days, when you quickly learned not to iron striped shirts (very fashionable in the 1970s..) after a evening down at the boozer…

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8 thoughts on “OK, so it’s not strictly Mainz… #215

  1. >Congratulations to the travel guide! And I do like the photo. Two things come into my mind (after the dizziness have faded off): Some record album from the 70ies – can’t remember which – and an experiment we did in school with water running out the drain. We moved the bucket north and south of the Equator and was fascinated when the water swirled in different directions.

  2. >Bravo, bravo. I’m clapping with great appreciation of your photo today.

  3. >Wonderful photo. It would not be as effective if it were sharp. The people look aimless and about to be sucked down the vortex.

  4. >PS. Congratulations on the travel guide inclusion, AND you got photo credit, too. Super!

  5. >One of your best photos, John, in my estimation. I checked your Flickr site and also like the shot with no-one on the image. Very cool!

  6. >great photo, makes me feel dizzy!!!

  7. >It’s really eye catcher and pretty photo you made.

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