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>A day at the beach – #242

>I was having a bit of the moan the other day, envying my mate R&R in the Netherlands his proximity to the sea.

He, in return, wished for vineyards just around the corner.

Well, sport, I’ve discovered the ideal possie for us.

We’re just 30 million years too late…..

This is the Weinheimer Trift. When the Mainz Basin – all 1.3 million acres of it – was a subtropical sea, this was a white sandy beach, lined with palms.

I kid you not.

In the sea, you would have found crocodiles, turtles, sea cows, sharks and stingrays. On land, flamingos, pelicans, rhinos, tapirs, apes and elephants.

The sand’s long gone, but the cliffs are still there, with skeletal remains of sea cows, fossilised sharks’ teeth and more bivalves that you you can say “she sells seashells on the seashore” to.

Which is why the place is sealed up tighter than Guantanamo.

Without the shackled figures in dayglo orange overalls, that is.

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3 thoughts on “>A day at the beach – #242

  1. >And, don’t think I didn’t note the vines growing right next to it. Never seen grapes growing on a beach before.Neat. You’ve said many times (in one way or another) that you never what you’re going to find when you dig in your neck of the woods.

  2. >Even without the beach it looks inviting! Nice shot, John, and interesting information.

  3. >Would have been great if they were still around. But it’s all part of evolution, or would you say extinction – as we continue to damage our environment?Have a great day!joyYour Love CoachNorwich Daily Photo

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