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>Theme Day – Blau/Bleu/Blue – #256

>Better late than never…

Tricky getting an image of Chagall’s windows in St Stephan’s.

Try to take a picture from inside the church and they’ll burn you at the stake, call up the Vatican for instant discommunication or carry out an exorcism on the spot.

A curse is the very least you can expect.

Taking a picture from the outside doesn’t really do it.

Unless of course you wait until autumn or early winter when the sun drops down far enough to shine in through the windows on the opposite side of the nave and illuminates the windows on THIS side.

Then there’s “blaumachen” – “to make blue”: take time off work.

Or simply “blau”: get pissed

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3 thoughts on “>Theme Day – Blau/Bleu/Blue – #256

  1. >Oh yes, welcome back!Get ready for the next theme day in a few days time! hehe…

  2. >welcome back John

  3. >Well, welcome back! Chagall windows definitely are special.

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