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>Plane madness – #336

>People appear to have secateur-fever at the moment.

Snip, snip, snip…

Can’t get away from it.

First it’s the grapevines.

Now it’s the pollarded plane trees along the banks of the Rhine.

(I’ll probably be next in line for a ritual scalping)

But it’s all for a good cause.

Don’t prune grapevines – no wine.

Not good.

Don’t trim plane trees – grow like crazy and hide Mainz’s skyline

Not good, either.

But not nearly as “not good” as no wine…..

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3 thoughts on “>Plane madness – #336

  1. >It does seem to take the phrase “cruel to be kind” to the extreme.In Spring and Summer, when the trees are no longer naked, I really enjoy a leisurely ride along the Rhine.PS. Thanks for the debating tips!

  2. >The vines are a promise of spring I guess. Nice shot. Interesting post.

  3. >I’d much rather see grapevines along the Rhine than over-groomed trees. Looking forward to watching the progress of those vines…

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