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>Making tracks – #342

>Getting around Mainz is dead easy.

Walk (lots of pedestrian precincts and it’s not that big)

Bike (remind me to tell you about the rules they have here sometime)

Car (although the parking fees will bankrupt you)


Which is my favourite.

Park the car at the bank’s (free) car park in Hechtsheim, get on the tram and whoooosh – you’re in town.

You don’t need a timetable – they run every few minutes and you can always put your ear to the rail to hear if one’s close.

As I did in the Gaustrasse.

Good thing I’m not audibly challenged.

Could get messy……

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2 thoughts on “>Making tracks – #342

  1. >25.01.2008 11:04:59

  2. >skuse me, but the picture looks a bit old, must been taken before the renovation of the gaustrasse.

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