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>Say cheese…#355

>The Rheinland-Pfalz Austellung rolls around again.

Big consumer thingie, a bit like the Easter Show in Auckland when I was growing up, but without the sheepdog trials and displays of proficiency with cross-saws and axes.

They have the most amazing stuff – apart from the obviously useful things like lawnmowers, log-splitters, solar energy arrays and the like.

Magnetic pillows, magic acupunctural head scratchers, non-drip paint brushes, things to slice tomatoes so that they could be mistaken for a cauliflower.

And the Spätzle Machine.

Spätzle are fresh noodles from around Stuttgart (where Frank the Potter‘s wife comes from) made by skilfully flicking a wet-ish dough mixture into boiling water.
We buy them ready made, but I’m tempted by a machine I saw (again) today.

Sieve-type thingy that sits over the pot and you just use a spatula (provided) to squeeze the mixture through the holes and into the water.

Outrageously expensive (for what it is), but I figure if someone’s that clever, they probably deserve my money.

Just pop them in a pan with some onions, grated cheese and fresh herbs and away you go.

And talking of cheese…

This is the very pleasant Gundula Gouda Gause, a TV journalist and newsreader for ZDF, one of the national channels, moderating a panel discussion on the new stadium for Mainz 05. (Club president Harald Strutz and manager, Christian Heidel to her left.)

She’s known as Gundula Gouda at our house ever since Ms B came home from work and announced that she’d met her buying cheese at the local supermarket.

“Gundula Gouda?” I ventured and it stuck.

I had to VERY careful when I met her at a Mainz 05 game last year.

“Ah, Gundula Gouda, I mean… um…er…”

All yours, Helen.

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4 thoughts on “>Say cheese…#355

  1. >Your blog has the amazing ability to turn me into Homer Simpson. If it’s not wine or beer, now it’s:mmmmmm, spaetzle….mmmmmm, gouda cheeeese…No shortage of gouda around here, but not accompanied by a cheese-toting tv personality.Nice post.

  2. >Made the same mistake with one of my kids teachers they always named by their nickname.Change your hair. Avoid her for a year or 2. Things like that.

  3. >Interesting post today. I enjoyed reading it.

  4. >A very nice photo today, and fun to read about the tv shopping.-KimSeattle Daily Photo

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