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>Wolf or Fox?…#357


jb has talked about the Heuensäule (Giant’s Column) before, so I hope I’m not doubling up here.

I have lived in Mainz for almost a year, and have wandered by this column in the Dom Marktplatz many times. So you can imagine my suprise when I took a closer look at the soldier’s helmet (I’m assuming this represents the Roman beginnings of Mainz) on the bronze cuff of the column. Ye Gads, there’s an animal in there! I can’t quite decide if it is a wolf or a fox. I wonder what the significance is? I’m sure jb would know…..anyway, I think he (the fox, not jb) looks quite ferocious.

edited to add: bat has confirmed this is a fox. Also to clarify that the fox is ferocious, not jb…

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7 thoughts on “>Wolf or Fox?…#357

  1. >jb – you are cheeky! I meant that the fox looked ferocious, not you (not that I know, of course)

  2. >I do indeed look quite ferocious.And my bite’s worse than my bark.If that’s what foxes do……

  3. >according to wikipedia, its not a soldiers helmet but a gladiators mask, representing the cityhall, also called “Fuchsbau” (fox-hole).

  4. >Either way, wolf or fox, I enjoy your detailed photo here and history lesson.

  5. >bat – thanks for the clarification…perhaps the title should have been Crazy like a Fox!destitute rebel – you should thank jb for the history lesson, but I’m glad you like the photo.

  6. >Great history lesson and an amazing and detailed shot, great Capture.

  7. >Its a fox. When the Heunensäule was erected, Jockel Fuchs (Fox) was our mayor. So they put in this detail to honour him.

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