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>What Ewe lookin’ at?…#361


There is a flock of sheep in Bretzenheim!

Even though Mainz is classified as a city, the capital city of Rhineland-Pfalz no less, in some respects it maintains the feel of a number of separate villages that have now been subsumed by the city’s expansion.

The sheep are penned in the field next to the Römersteine (the remains of a Roman aqueduct that carried water into the city). Given that lamb does not appear to be highly regarded as meat in Germany, I assume these wee beasties are kept for their wool, or maybe just for fun.

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4 thoughts on “>What Ewe lookin’ at?…#361

  1. >Interesting. I like a city that combines rural and urban lifestyles. It might be a leftover of necessity. I know during World War II we had chickens, some people had rabbits and others had pigs in their pens in their backyards.This is a nice photograph of the sheep. I like the color.

  2. >That wool would make a nice, warm blanket. Soon, it will be sheep-shearing time.

  3. >Our sheep are quite different looking then those, nice picture.

  4. >Those sheep have very long ears!Nice shot, thanks for sharing.

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