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>Wall Art…#370

>This style of wall decoration on the outside of buildings is quite common in Bretzenheim. I like the ‘continuous line drawing’ style of it. It is also pleasingly kitsch.

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4 thoughts on “>Wall Art…#370

  1. >Nice shot, I had to zoom in to figure out if they were carved or not :)I also like this sort of artwork. We have a number of raised copper art pieces in our home, all with an American Southwest theme.

  2. >Bitingmidge – it was a very grey day, so no sharp shadows to speak of.

  3. >It may be kitsch, but I like the pen and ink look too, the looseness would not be that easy to reproduce in metal!Nice pic, and I’m always fascinated at the lack of sharp shadows! 😉

  4. >It is a bit reminiscent of ancient cave painting without the colour.

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