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>Remis velisque…#419

>You have no idea how long I’ve waited to drop that little nugget of Latin into conversation. It translates to “with oars and sails” (and incidentally was my high school’s motto).

This is a reconstruction of one of the Roman boats whose ruins were found during the early stages of laying the foundations for the extension of the Hilton in Mainz. Naturally, jb has already blogged about the discovery and the ensuing formation of the Museum of Roman Shipbuilding on Neutorstrasse (where this picture was taken).

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4 thoughts on “>Remis velisque…#419

  1. >My school motto was “”Virtute Experiamur” which we translated as “Experiment with your virtue”, an appeal more to the co-ed students…

  2. >Well I think you dropped that bit of Latin in very nicely! Good job!

  3. >Just imagine being a slave on that galley and having to row for hours on end. I don’t know how they did it.

  4. >The detail on this ship is so interesting — and your photo shows it so well, particularly when one click’s on the photo to enlarge it. Superb! Greetings from California,Marilyn 8>)

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