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>Putting on the Rizzi – #531


James Rizzi must have been in  the army.

Where else would he come up with the principle:

“If it moves, salute it. If it doesn’t move, paint it”

This used to be a VW New Beetle before he got his hands on it and turned it into something akin to Outer Space.

There’s also a Boeing 757 that Condor, a Lufthansa subsidiary, used to operate and a bus operated by the public transport folks here in Mainz.

Plus postage stamps. (The first by a living artist ever to be commissioned by the German government

Massively popular major retrospective on at the moment in Mainz, with over 1000 exhibits and over 20,000 visitors thus far.

A bit mind-numbing after an hour or so looking at his 3D multiples, but it’s stunningly good.

Had to keep moving, though.

There was this guy with a paintbrush lurking around, just waiting to pounce on me….

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One thought on “>Putting on the Rizzi – #531

  1. >You are mad, but in a wonderful way. Very vibrant, scary image. Hope you escaped the paintbrush.

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