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>Oooops… – #539


I looked at this sign – it’s where you enter the market square in from of the Dom in Mainz – and thought….

“No. They can’t really mean that”


“No. They can’t really mean that

It tells you that it’s a pedestrian precinct (presumably only for women and children, but no-one’s challenged me yet…), but cyclists are tolerated if they stick to certain rules.


On days when there’s no market or events, sundry, for the attendance of (as the military would put it), you can ride at will at walking pace.

By a process of logical exclusion:

On days where there is a market or similar, you can thrash across the square at great speed, scattering shoppers left and right with wild abandon and no-one’ll say a thing.

In fact, you’ll probably get a standing ovation.

“Can’t be right” I thought and called up the chappy responsible for things cyclish at City Hall.

“Look, I have no idea how it slipped through the cracks” he lamented (probably thinking “Oh no, not another smart aleck”), but I’m going to have to spend big chunks of my minscule budget to get them fixed”

Poor sod.

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One thought on “>Oooops… – #539

  1. >Well spotted. I always wonder when I see such a signs is whether adults/non-midgets who don’t wear dresses or skirts are afforded protection.

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