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>Paris Trout,…. – #545


…Pete Dexter’s 1988 award-winning novel, has only recenetly been translated into German.

Made big headlines in the serious broadsheets.

This chappy is no relation.

This is Dinner Trout.

My mate Christoph’s been depriving us of trout for years, it seems.

One of the chappies who does work for the Vertical Village appears to be such a skilled angler that he needs grateful recipients for his surplus.

Christoph’s grateful enough. He eats 3 at a sitting.

Christoph was also meant share them with Ms jb, which only came to light by chance the other day.

So we’ve now been inducted into the Exclusive Circle of Grateful Recipients.

And very nice it is, too.

Gut the fish, wash inside and out, sprinkle liberally with lemon juice, salt and peper inside and out, dredge in flour and fry in butter and oil over a medium heat for 6 minutes on one side and 3 on the other.

When the dorsal fin pulls away easily, they’re done.


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2 thoughts on “>Paris Trout,…. – #545

  1. >Congratulations on the fish. For some reason I can’t get this out of my mind:

  2. >Grateful recipients indeed! YUm

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