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>Picasso – #553


 The annual wine festival in Hechtsheim, another of one of Mainz’s once-was-a-village-but-it-got-gobbled-up suburbs, last weekend.

Not a lot to recommend it – the wine’s so dire that you ask them not to fill the glass and the tucker’s not a lot to write home about, either.

But our mate Karl-Heinz of Caffea Moguntia fame was there playing in his cover band, the Backstage4, so we toddled along to do the “craven fan” thing.

And he’s pretty good, too.

But stumbling over this artist’s gallery was a treat.

Good paintings and friendly people.

Even his pallets are good…

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One thought on “>Picasso – #553

  1. >Colourful palate. Summer festivals are wonderful, but are over too quickly when the fall and winter arrive. Enjoy when you can! How severe are Mainz winters? We’ve been there in summer only so I can’t judge very well.

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