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Bavarian Brekkie – #555



This is what they eat in Bavaria mid-morning.

Weißwurst, Süßsenf, Brezeln and Weißbier

One of Mrs jb’s Xmas bribes, if I recall correctly.

Do the following:

Empty the can containing 4 sausages (primarily pork according to the label, but I really don’t want to know what the other 46% is. Probably the bits that are left over from making pet food)  into a pan of warm water and heat them through for 8 minutes.

In the meantime

Scurry through the fields to Hechtsheim (9 km round trip, 27 minutes on the bike) and buy a couple of freshly baked pretzels at Peter Ditsch’s factory store.

Pour the contents of the pot into Lisa Hammond’s soda glaze terrine and remove one’s self to the garden.

On a plate:

Place one sausage (using a stainless steel implement that I’m reliably told strongly resembles a gynaecological instrument) on a plate.
Add a dollop of sweet mustard
Break a pretzel.

In the appropriate glass:

Pour a Paulaner unfiltered wheatbeer

Skin the sausage, cut off a slice, dunk it in the mustard* and devour, interspersed with sips of beer.

The things I do for journalism..

I’m just not used to drunking drinking at launchteam lunchtime. I’m fooling feeling quite torrid tired, in fact.

I’m off for a schnoooze

*This stuff’s real girls’ stuff as mustards go.

I once worked with an Austrian guy in London who went on to achieve infamy as CEO of Etihad in Abu Dhabi.

The story is that he goes out to lunch at the pub with the guys, orders a beer and a ham sandwich and starts plastering industrial strength Coleman’s mustard over the contents.

Someone says “Robert, that’s pretty strong mustard, y’know”

“Ziss is NUSSINK” he says. “I am OOORstrian. I am USED to ze STRRROOONG mustard”

Takes a bite, turns purple and empties his pint of light and bitter in milliseconds.

Zero effect.

Looks around, panic stricken.

Everyone at the table hands him their glass.

Legend has it that he downed 5 pints within a minute….

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4 thoughts on “Bavarian Brekkie – #555

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  2. >I would be quite happy to have that each morning!

  3. >8^) This is a daily ritual, I take it. Eh, sorry. …tiptoes out of the room…

  4. >Well, the table setting looks inviting!

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