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>Alphabetti Spaghetti – #557


Years ago, I worked with a girl who insulted me to core by claiming in a v. derogatory voice that my culinary skills “probably didn’t even stretch as far as opening a can of Alphabetti Spaghetti“.

Not true.

My purple (Bulgarian red wine does that, also to your teeth) sausage and bean casserole was legendary in culinary circles at the time…..

Nothing compared to this, though.

The Osteiner Hof – the building on the left – is up for sale for a cool €9m by the Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben (BImA). It currently houses the Wehrbereichkommando (WBK) II which will have to move temporarily to the GFZ (not a clue) barracks.
The Landesbetrieb Liegenschafts- und Baubetreuung (LBB) undertook a study last year to establish whether the Innenministerium (InMi) could use the premises – the Landesregierung (LaRe)  placed value on its remaining in the public sector use

I’m sure a couple of Mitglieder des Landtages (MdL) and Mitglieder des Bundestages (MdB) are going to get involved, in which case it’ll be AOK or SNAFU as the case may be.

With loads of CYAing going on, for sure.

All this in the MAZ

(Do we have all 26 yet….?)

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One thought on “>Alphabetti Spaghetti – #557

  1. >for 9 millions is a bargain actually, if I had them I wouldn`t wait a moment.

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