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>Kalle – #573


Kalle – my mate Christoph’s grandson – appears to be indestructible.

Falls over, bounces up. Lies flat on a skateboard and heads at high speed for the gap between 2 posts.

That sort of stuff.

He was visiting Grandma and Granddad the other week and they asked him if he wanted to go to the petting zoo.

“Nope” he said ” Bus”

Which means that what he REALLY wants to do is to ride into Mainz and THEN ride the escalators (the sort of things they don’t have in the village they live in near Trier) in one of Mainz’s 2 department stores that are firmly clinging to the belief that they’re museums of 1960s consumer culture.

As in:

ride escalator 
until (store closes or everyone else runs out of patience)

30 minutes minimum 
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One thought on “>Kalle – #573

  1. >Couldn't help but return to this earlier post. I agree; Kalle is a handsome little guy!

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