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>A Fëte worse than death – #576


The Kerb or annual fete is central to village life in Germany.

The traditional meal on Tuesday – the last day of festivities – is liver dumplings, sauerkraut and creamed potatoes

Mrs jb reckons that you need a cast iron stomach to eat it.

I find it quite excellent.

Won’t tell you what I think it looks like, though….

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3 thoughts on “>A Fëte worse than death – #576

  1. >I’ve never understood how an organ that filters out all the toxins from a body can then be eaten. Ew. But I am always willing to try somehting once, and the sauerkraut looks delicious…I just prefer it with a nice braut!

  2. >Oh, come on now. A massive slathering of sour cream would mellow it out quite nicely, if not terminally. Keep your tongues, kidneys, hearts, and tripe; I’m all over the liver and onions. 8^)

  3. >JB, I have a wild imagination, but it doesn’t take long to identify what it looks like from your photo. I think that I agree with Mrs. JB–about the only thing i could handle are the mashed potatoes. Liver dumplings….eeek!

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