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>Oh, sugar dadada da dada, honey, honey… – #589


Sugar beets waiting at the Sugar Beet Bus stop.
From here they’ll be taken to a factory where they’ll be chopped up, soaked in water, squeezed semi-dry, dosed with formaldehyde and calcium hydroxide, bubbled with carbon dioxide, spin-dried and then boiled down to what you put on your cornflakes.
I think I’ll stick to fruit on my müsli…..
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5 thoughts on “>Oh, sugar dadada da dada, honey, honey… – #589

  1. >ha ha ha nice song, haha, oh sugar sugar tada da da da da oh honey honey!!! did not know how a sugar cane plantation look like! thanks for the information

  2. >I remember when I was a kid I visited my grandpa and he used to plant sugar cane! I loved going with him to the cane plantations.

  3. >These pictures remind me of a time I went to a sugar cane plantation when I was a Kid. By the end of the day I was scratched.

  4. >Formaldehyde? Thanks for that. I’m not much of a sugar user anyway. There was a sugar beet processing plant somewhere south of Stockton in the Central Valley of California that was very near the freeway. You could smell the sulfurous stench for miles.

  5. >You are a wise man, JB!

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