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>"Father, I cannot tell a lie – #593


I did cut it with my hatchet.

In fact, I cranked up the bulldozer and bowled the whole bloody orchard….”

Trees get old, yields drop off and varieties go out of favour.

This is reality, but don’t tell that to a Greenie.

One of the local nutters ripped into a farmer who had knocked over an orchard to replace the trees with

a)something that customers want and

b) a variety that made a profit.

“This should be forbidden, global warming (as if this an Amazonian rainforest or something…), people starving…..”

Wugga wugga wugga ad nauseam

Farmer said very calmly “Well, I’ve got no problem in leaving the trees standing, but I’ll give you my address and you can send me a cheque every month for the difference between what I’m earning now and what I could be earning with new trees”


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2 thoughts on “>"Father, I cannot tell a lie – #593

  1. >That fellow should visit Tasmania (home of the everpresent [30 years and STILL they hate each other!] argument over forestry practices.It all gets rather boaring if you sit somewhere pragmatically between two extremes.

  2. >Applewood smells great on the fire.

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