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>January Theme Day: Best photo of 2008 – #660


As good as any, I’d say.

Here’s the original

(Although a learned and quite genteel reader pointed out that it’s “artsy-fartsy”, not “arty-farty”. Whatever..)

The other 150 are over here:

Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

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7 thoughts on “>January Theme Day: Best photo of 2008 – #660

  1. >KrisNot even cropped……

  2. >I like this very much – it is art! Es ist mir sehr gut (I hope I said it looks good to me!)

  3. >Happy New Year!Merry New Year?I like it. Did it spend much time in post-production.

  4. >It’s such an unusual choice,and for that it’s excellent. Well done for not choosing something obvious.Happy New Year.

  5. >JB,well half my photos end up looking like that from pure ignorance on my part. Now I can just tell folks that my artsy fartsy photographs are in the JB style of photography. Seriously, this is a grand choice for POY. I look forward to more of your creative and interesting photos this year! And they should exhibit your work.V

  6. >It looks arty farty to me!Cheers, and Happy New Year!Sunshine Coast Daily – Australia

  7. >Ja, und dir und der werten Gemahlin ein Frohes Neues. Ob wir uns jemals kennen lernen werden? 😉 Auf einen neuen Versuch in 2009.

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