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>Hard times -#667


It’s a sad state of affairs when you walk across the market in Mainz and find a gap where Caffea Moguntia‘s TSOW should be.

I mean, I don’t begrudge them their vacation in Capetown, undoubtedly deserved after slaving all year over a hot expresso machine.


Have they given no thought to their customers?

What’s a bloke meant to do for THREE WEEKS?

Having dragged myself out of the deep pit of caffeine withdrawal induced depression, I’ve found a solution:

Hot chocolate from “Extrablatt”, a cafe on the Schillerplatz.

Their coffee’s REALLY naff – the push-a-button-machine-made stuff – but their hot chocolate’s quite divine.

AND you get whipped cream on top.

Even if it is out of an aerosol…..

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6 thoughts on “>Hard times -#667

  1. >@Kris’How does it go down?”Pretty much the same as everything else – mouth, esophagus, stomach…

  2. >Whipped cream in a drink just seems odd to me. How does it go down?

  3. >YUm! Reminds me that I never got hot chocolate at Angelina’s in Paris. I have this aversion to standing outside in the cold in a long line with tourists to do ANYTHING! My loss I guess.Stiff upper lip, JB. They’ll be back soon and probably have to up the prices to pay for their cushy vacation!

  4. >If the drink is as good as the photo, I’ll be right over. I have yet to drink a decent cup of hot chocolate…anywhere!!

  5. >It looks quite tasty – I may have to have a cup now!

  6. >I’m with you on the coffee, JB. I couldn’t live without mine…but goodness, this does look good. Super photograph – I’m sure you were dying to get stuck into it as you snapped away.

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