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>The not very straight and narrow (and *%$£@ cold) -#671


Quite a brisk 267º out in the fields today.

Kelvin, that is.

-6º Celcius. 22º Fahrenheit.

And the tracks in the snow got me thinking (which doesn’t happen very often, actually)

Maybe Farmer Brown wasn’t responsible for the squiggles.

Maybe it was Saint Nick on his way to Hechtsheim after having imbibed copiously of the sherry that folk leave for him next to the chimney. There were a lot of deer out today, 2 or 3 leashes in fact (go on, look it up, it’s right…) and they just might have been reindeer.

On second thoughts:

Saint Nick turns up in early December over here, appears to be a bit of a wowser and reindeerless to boot.

Go back to what you were doing…

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One thought on “>The not very straight and narrow (and *%$£@ cold) -#671

  1. >Way too much “Celsius” talk for us Americans. You do know we “don’t get it” don’t you? I do get sherry. Cheers.C

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