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>Rundgang – #699


Who says advertising doesn’t work?

The Art College in Mainz plastered their exceptionally eye-catching poster for their “Rundgang” (“Doing the rounds”) open day all over the city and it certainly won the battle for our eyeballs.

Not many others, though, which is marginally tragic, because there’s some seriously GOOD STUFF being done there and if there was any justice in the world, it should have been packed.

Students with family in tow, of course.

Parents (“That’s very NICE, dear, but what IS it”), younger siblings (“You MUST be joking. You call this ART? Is THIS what you do…?”) and grandparents (“Susanne dear, I’m a bit confused….”)

Well, yes.

Some not-entirely-unexpectedly seriously WTF stuff, too, but it all had an unencumbered freshness to it, without the trying-too-hard earnestness of established artists.

AND for free, to the visible relief of the other members of the team who go into instant “DISOWN” mode when I start trying to negotiate pensioner admission rates…..

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3 thoughts on “>Rundgang – #699

  1. >Someone had a lot of time!

  2. >Merci for the bottom photo. Very nice dear, NOW I get it. VPS And now you tell me the Grumpy Dude is CHEAP as well? Good grief!

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