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>1000 years old. Yeah right… – #704


Don’t believe a word of it.

BITS of the cathedral are 1000 years old – this tower and the matching one on the other side, for instance – but given that it

  • Burned down on the day of its inauguration in…..yes, 1009….., which meant that there was nowhere appropriate to bury Bishop Willigis when he fell off the perch 2 years later. (He ended up at the top of the Gaustrasse in St Stephan, but folk lost track of his bones over the centuries, so it’s pretty much a guessing game as to where he is these days. Or was that St Martin? Whatever…)
  • Burned down again in 1081
  • Was struck by lightning and damaged in 1767
  • Was attacked by the French in 1793, who used it as an army camp and burned the wooden interior for fuel
  • Had incredibly ugly bits added and removed on various occasions
  • Got thumped by the Allies in the 1942 air raids

you can only REALLY say that – on average – it’s FAIRLY old.

But who wants to quibble over a century or two…?

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2 thoughts on “>1000 years old. Yeah right… – #704

  1. >If I run and stand by it will I look incredibly YOUNG? V

  2. >After that bit of history, I'm surprised that it exists at all. PS. Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog today ;>)

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