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>So that’s OK then….#723


So Helen pops her head out of the front door and thinks: “Fog? It wasn’t foggy earlier on”.

Then she smells the burning and notices the chappy frantically banging on the neighbour’s door and yelling “Fire”

Showing great presence of mind, she pulls the door closed behind her, in the process locking in the 2 cats.

And the keys.

Professor Dr Mr Helen’s off at the university at this time, doing whatever it is that Geology Professors do, when he gets a call, “suggesting that it might be a good idea if I came home. Fairly soon” as he put it.

So the end of the story is… Helen and PDMH are fine, the cats are fine, they can’t move back into their apartment (smoke and water-damaged only, but the house is structurally shonky) , help came too late for the lady who lived in the burned-out apartment (they think that she was smoking in bed), Helen and PDMH (and the bloody cats) have got somewhere to stay and they’re moving back into an apartment just around the corner next month.

So that’s OK, then.

Just don’t expect any new posts on Heliospheric for a while.

Not that I was, of course….

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2 thoughts on “>So that’s OK then….#723

  1. >Oh, dear! Nothing funny about a fire!!

  2. >Well my goodness! So glad to hear that Helen and company are safe and sound.! JB, you can even make a house fire funny. Lordy!V

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