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>Monthly Theme Day – Doors – #780


Now, if Eric at Paris Daily Photo hasn’t hot-footed it down to Père Lachaise Cemetery today, I’ll be severely disappointed.
Jim Morrison? Doors? No?

The main door of St Stephan at the top of the Gaustrasse

Funny, I always thought there were TWO loaves and FIVE fish…

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9 thoughts on “>Monthly Theme Day – Doors – #780

  1. >Love these details!

  2. >great take on theme day. you notice details and then have an overlay of details in a larger sense as well. great Jim Morrison connection

  3. >And I'm not even Catholic. (Or much of anything for that matter..)

  4. >Me the Pope ?! Mein Gott!

  5. >Typo. Sorry. I know you are JB!

  6. >I second that, Virginia! Great to see Eric visit. Well I loved Eric's photo today and I love yours JM – brilliant the loaves and fishes! Very clever.

  7. >GOOD LORD JB, a visit from the Pope, I mean Eric! I just curtsied to show my respect! Good one my friend.And about the fish/loaves thing, somebody in that church had a snack.V

  8. >LOL! I did 😉 But I missed the Doors/Jim Morisson reference I must say. Now I feel stupid, that would have been a cool twist!

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