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>Girls of our age – #802


Mrs jb helped Mrs Frank the Potter, Ingrid, out at the Alzey Potter’s Market on Saturday.

They appear to have sold quite well which is a bit of surprise, given their reputation of chatting away nonstop for hours on end to the virtual exclusion of any other activity.

I couldn’t help thinking about our ex-neighbour, Cathy, who used to fly longhaul for PanAm.

(Now, THAT tells you how old this story is)

She and Mrs jb were chatting about being sandwich mechanics and Cathy said

“Oh, I just flew with a girl last week …well, YOU know, Girls of OUR age…”

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4 thoughts on “>Girls of our age – #802

  1. >Fr the record – both Fräuleins (ahem…!), Ingrid on the left, Ms jb on the right

  2. >i saw your photo on the portal and the woman on the right (Ingrid) struck me as being Dutch. It takes one to know one probably. Unless you are going to tell me now she is a full bred ozzie.

  3. >Hi JB and Mrs. JB, Friendships among women are terrific, and I value mine as these two must. Lucky you to know such attractive women!!

  4. >I love pottery and I don't mind a little gossip, so your posting gets "two thumbs up" from me! Check out the "two thumbs up" on my blog today!Herzliche GruBe von EAGAN daily photo

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