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>Local heroes – #811


Roland Rother runs a car repair workshop in Lörzweiler.

Someone recommended him for an arcane airconditioning problem with one of the Saabs a couple of years ago. He spent AT LEAST 2 hours trying to track down the cause (even Saab were stumped…) and then didn’t want paying “because I didn’t fix it and anyway I’ve learnt something about Saabs…”

Ever since then he’s had all of our business.
Yesterday was a classic example of why.

He’s fixing the fan for the airconditioning and I mention that we might need a new bulb for one of the headlights.

Turns out that it’s a fault in the (probably outrageously expensive) light switch – “Saab” is the acronym for “sh*t, another astronomical bill” – but…..”I can couple the fuses for the left and right lamps and then put another fuse between them for safety and then we don’t need a new light switch”

“Cool” doesn’t begin to describe it…


It just got better.

The aircon fan problem’s been traced down to a control module.

€125 at Saab.

A customer turns up in the workshop who’s been driving Saabs since he was 19.

“Why don’t you pull the module out of my old 9.3 and see if it works?” he says.

It does.


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One thought on “>Local heroes – #811

  1. >This guy is a real find, and I can readily understand why he gets all of your business!

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