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>Surprise, surprise – #834


The new subdivision at the top of the hill isn’t going quite as smoothly as folk had hoped.
Great rush to be placed on the waiting list, followed by quite a few second thoughts and a gaping hole in the council’s budget, having fronted up the costs of development and utilities etc.
They’re now opening up the sale of sections to all and sundry in an attempt to get things back on an even keel.
I happen to know why they’re not selling.
It’s that bloody Castel Vintaro.
Now be honest – would YOU want to have this view from your front door?
Maybe they can find some ex-convicts who suffer from agoraphobia and are just dying for that “exercise yard experience”….
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One thought on “>Surprise, surprise – #834

  1. >WEll I took one look at that wall and drew the same conclusion. Looks like a prison wall for sure. Not exactly "aesthetically pleasing"! That subdivision is going down like the Titanic JB. Remember I said so!My WV is CHILINS Now google is speaking southern! HA

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