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Reinhilde -#837

Reinhilde Roth (on the right, with her sister Christine) runs the eponymous farm shop in the village.

She started out with a tiny corner of her parents’ farmhouse, selling only produce from their farm and the farm that she and her husband run in the next village.

These days, she’s so well established and has such a comprehensive range that the local supermarket struggles to compete with her.

She runs the place with a band of willing helpers, including (but not limited to) Christine, the Korn family (uncle and aunt), Heidi (who’s a dead ringer for Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics) and various unwilling helpers – offspring, mostly –  who get press-ganged on occasion.

Apart from famous brother Werner, a radio and TV journalist who magically disappears to environmental conferences in farflung places when it’s his turn…

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2 thoughts on “Reinhilde -#837

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  2. >Three cheers for female entrepreneurs and family who are willing to support them in their efforts! It's a wonderfully happy photo…charming women.

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