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>On getting funny looks -#845


As a non-snapshot photographer, you’ll occasionally attract funny looks or even threats from folks who don’t understand the law.

So I’ve become quite careful.

Case in point: The Fennel family.

Found this image on the market the other day and the lady who runs the vege stand asked me (in a voice that implied “You can’t be serious”) if I’d taken a picture of FENNEL?

“Well” I said “I asked them first and they didn’t object”

Can’t be too careful….

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3 thoughts on “>On getting funny looks -#845

  1. >I was scolded (by a nun of all people) for taking photos of the bread she was selling at an open air market. I nearly dropped the camera on instinct and held out my hands, palms down.

  2. >What in the world?! I know the feeling! I photographed hams, turkey, cookies and cakes at our posh grocery store a few weeks ago and 15 minutes later, the assistant store manager caught up with me – "We understand you've been taking photos in our store …"

  3. >Well, you can't be too careful. She probably thought that she needed to protect the fennel from fallacious photographers!

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