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>Snowcapped – #859


Some readers will doubtless categorise this image of an unfortunate hydrangea blossom as romantic…..

Snow Gems (English Sonnet)


Snow falls to earth as weightless feather down,
slow motion, glorious, desirable,
for a time a tree’s magnificent crown,
jewel-like little gems indispensable.

I reach out, touch it, take it to my heart,
cold to hold, so delicate in it’s form,
amazing web-like structure every part,
brilliant to the naked eye, not forlorn.

Such beauty, my mind ever in circles,
nature, like a framed tapestry of thread,
frosty figurines formed from icicles,
hiding snowdrops emerging from their bed.
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3 thoughts on “>Snowcapped – #859

  1. >I have a similar bloom taken in the Marais in the snow last week. I'll post it and include a link to your nice poem JB. Look at you getting all poetic on us! V

  2. >And for the ending (to make it a true sonnet of 14 lines) might be:Essence of a season so romantic,bordering on the ever ecstatic.

  3. >Ah, romantic it is… a creative, romantic photo that lacks only a poem; a sonnet perhaps!

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