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>Looking for the next best thing – #874


They never had a chance, of course.

The coach reckoned that it would be a sensation if they squeezed out a draw.
(He said that they might have a chance if they parked the team bus in front of the goal…)

Mainz 05 vs Bayern Munich.

In Munich.

So if watching it live in the stadium’s out of the question, watching it live on a big screen in the pub attached to SoccerWorld, an indoor football centre, is the next best thing.

My mate Christoph. Decent beer. Waitresses. Warm. Under cover.

 Warren Zevon says it perfectly:

(That’s why I’m) Looking for the next best thing
Looking for the next best thing
I appreciate the best
But I’m settling for less
‘Cause I’m looking for the next best thing
And if you must know….3:0 to Bayern.
Could have been 10:0 if it hadn’t been for Mainz’s heroic goalie. 35 shots at his goal (vs 2 for Mainz)
Explained by: 
The two players that Bayern substituted in the second half both play for their national teams. (And aren’t good enough for the starting line-up…?!)
The commentator saying “…and it’s 3 on 3 as Bayern attacks. Well, considering that Bayern’s 3 are Ribery, Robben and Lahm, it’s more like 6 on 3..”
As I said – not a chance
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