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>Ringsgwandl = #876


I’ll try and describe last night’s concert in the Frankfurter Hof.

Probably unsuccessfully, but whatever.

Georg Ringsgwandl is Bavarian with an impenetrable accent.

He says things like “Some artists are extremely intelligent. God punishes them with beauty”

Grows up dirt poor, learns the zither, suffers from TB as a teenager, giving him time to learn the guitar, goes on to study medicine, specialises in cardiology, works in America, returns to Germany, works as a senior physician in a hospital, is offered a senior consultancy and decides that what he really prefers is doing the music that he’s had as a sideline all along.

It’s a theatre of the absurd, mixed with mime that’s reminiscent of Marcel Marceau, songs in the best tradition of political cabaret, hair-brained monologues underpinned by his zither and everything utterly politically incorrect.

Three encores.

Says it all.

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2 thoughts on “>Ringsgwandl = #876

  1. >This guy sounds like he borders on the genius…very versatile. Haven't heard a zither in years; friend used to play one. I would very much have liked to have been at this concert.

  2. >Sounds like a very entertaining show! Ringsgwandl probably isn't making as much money as an entertainer as he might have as a doctor, or is he? But he's probably happier!

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