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>(Not) The Nelson Daily Photo -#891


Couldn’t stand the bloody snow any more, to be honest, so I’ve packed up the tents, gathered up the harem, loaded the camels and headed down here for a bit.

There is, of course, a minor issue that Nelson Daily Photo is quite well established, so MDP is hereby temporarily renamed

Not the Nelson Daily Photo

and I’m claiming photographic rights to everything from west of the Waimea Bridge to Farewell Spit.

And if I see a red Mazda MX3 on my patch, its tires get slashed….

The name’s not very original, of course (which you’d expect from me by now.)

In the 1960s, the BBC ran a fine satirical programme called “Not the Nine O’Clock News”.


I stole it.

Sue me.

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5 thoughts on “>(Not) The Nelson Daily Photo -#891

  1. >Love the idea of NOT The Nelson Daily Photo … am of an age I remember the Not the 9 O'clock news …I arrived at your blog via Ben and Meg's site and, being a local [despite it saying I come from Chch on the live stream thingie] just love seeing the province through other's lens.And the recent bout of Nelson weather sure beats snow …dws~11

  2. >welcome you to do whatever you want for taking photo's it's not my property. No worries, I won't slash a CR-V's tyres. You can start Tasman, well it's a region name ? Mapua or of course Nelosn. We do crossing all over no problem as many of DPer does. Good to have some one viewing in different angle, especially I like your people oriented shot that I have lack of. Well… You got a name of car wrong.

  3. >Traveling this way soon?

  4. >What a coincidence. Just bought a piece of New Zealand Butter over here the other day and had to think of you.

  5. >I'm jealous! Have never been to New Zealand nor have I met Meg and Ben. Have a great time and send some more outstanding photos, please. If Luftansa on strike?

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